Hollywood Cemetery

Richmond, VA

My visit to historic Hollywood Cemetery came as a result of Virginia DAR's 108th State Conference.  Lynnhaven Parish Chapter lost to death three treasured chapter members in the time following the 107th State Conference.  Those deceased members were memorialized by VADAR on March 19th, 2004.  Each Chapter Regent placed a white carnation in the Memorial Wreath in memory of their chapter members lost to death in the preceding year.  Following the Memorial Service, the Wreath was taken to historic Hollywood Cemetery and placed at the grave of President James Monroe.  Pictured left at President Monroe's final resting place are the 2001 - 2004 NSDAR President General and VADAR State Regent with their pages.  The Memorial Wreath anchors the picture.

Hollywood Cemetery is much more than a final resting place for Richmond's citizenry.  Its trails wind uphill through a series of picturesque grassy enclaves.  Eternal residents peer through the ages at an ever changing Richmond skyline.  The majestic James River down below continues its unending run to the Chesapeake Bay.  A visit to picture perfect Hollywood Cemetery thrusts one into a dichotomy of time.   Mother Time ran at a frenetic pace for Friday's visitors, but stood still for Hollywood's residents.  Cemetery Photographed March 19, 2004.






James Monroe

5th President of the United States of America
Revolutionary Soldier 1775 - 1778
Born April 28, 1758 in Westmoreland Co, VA
Married February 16, 1786 to Elizabeth Kortright
Died July 4, 1831 in New York City

Elizabeth Kortright

Wife of President James Monroe
Born 1768
Died September 23, 1830






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