Thomas Jefferson Family Cemetery


Albemarle Co, VA

It sits behind and slightly down the mountain, hidden from the plantation's daily life.  Something of a disappointment was the fact that the locked wrought iron fence prohibited visitors from paying homage to the great man and his family.  Somehow it felt as if we were being banned from his world.  Opening a supervised cemetery to paying guests is certainly something that this century's caretakers of Monticello should consider.  Thomas Jefferson belongs to his United States of America for time eternal.  Cemetery Photographed June 29, 2004.


The Monticello Graveyard

This graveyard had its beginning in an agreement between two young men, Thomas Jefferson and Dabney Carr, who were school-mates and friends.  They agreed that they would be buried under a great oak which stood here.  Carr, who married Jefferson's sister, died in 1773.  His was the first grave on the site, which Jefferson laid out as a family burial ground.  Jefferson was buried here in 1826.  The present monument is not the original, designed by Jefferson, but a larger one erected by the United States in 1883.  Its base covers the graves of Jefferson, his wife, his two daughters and of Governor Thomas Mann Randolph, his son-in-law.  The graveyard remains the property of Jefferson's descendants and continues to be a family burial ground.



The chart (pictured left) shows the location of the burials in the front of the graveyard.  Descendants and their families continue to be buried in the back portion of the graveyard.  The graveyard is owned and maintained by the Monticello Association, an organization of Thomas Jefferson's lineal descendants.  O. S. on Jefferson's obelisk means "Old Style".  A date calculated before the calendar was put forward eleven days in 1752.


Location & Name

Birth - Death

Relationship to Jefferson

1.  Anne Cary Bankhead

1791 - 1826


2.  George Wythe Randolph

1818 - 1867


3.  Mary Adams Randolph

1830 - 1871

Grandson's Wife

4.  Martha Jefferson Randolph

1772 - 1836


5.  Maria Jefferson Eppes

1778 - 1804


6.  Thomas Jefferson

1743 - 1826

7.  Martha Wayles Jefferson

1748 - 1782


8.  Thomas Mann Randoph

1768 - 1828


9.  Mary Buchanan Randolph

1818 - 1821


10.  Mary Jefferson Randolph

1803 - 1876


11.  Cornelia Jefferson Randolph

1799 - 1871


12.  James Madison Randolph

1806 - 1834


13.  Martha Jefferson Carr

1746 - 1811


14.  Dabney Carr

1743 - 1773

Friend, Brother-in-Law

15.  Samuel Carr

1771 - 1855


16.  Jane Randolph Jefferson

1720 - 1776


17.  William Jefferson Cary

1784 - 1823


18.  William Mortimer Harrison

1802 - 1812

Cousin, Drowned

19.  Wilson Cary Nicholas

1761 - 1820

Grandson's Father-in-Law


Here Was Buried
Thomas Jefferson
Author of the
American Independence
of the
Statute of Virginia
Religious Freedom
and Father of the
University of Virginia




Thomas Jefferson

Born April 2, 1743 O. S.

Died July 4, 1826



Here Lies Buried
George Wythe Randolph
Son of Thomas Mann Randolph & Martha Jefferson
Born March 10, 1818
Died April 3, 1867

Mary Adams,
Wife of Gen. George W. Randolph
Born 1830
Died 1871


Here lie the remains of
Dabney Carr
Son of John & Barbara Carr
of Louisa County, VA
Born October 26, 1743
Intermarried on July 20, 1765 with Martha Jefferson,
Daughter of Peter & Jane Randolph Jefferson
Died May 16, 1773
at Charlottesville, Virginia


Jane Randolph

Wife of Peter Jefferson

Mother of Thomas Jefferson

Born in London


Died at Monticello





Elizabeth Ann

Wife of John B. Garrett

Died May 19th, 1845

Aged 34 Years





John B. Garrett

February 14, 1809

July 27, 1855



Francis Wayles Shine, M. D.

June 25, 1874

September 24, 1941

Son of Martha Virginia Eppes

and Thomas J. Shine

Great Great Grandson of

Thomas Jefferson


They were lovely in their lives

Thomas Jefferson Randolph & Jane Hollins Nicholas Married March 7, 1815

He was the son of Thomas Mann Randolph & Martha Jefferson and the grandson of Thomas Jefferson.  She was the daughter of Wilson Cary Nicholas & Margaret Smith.  She was born January 16, 1798 and died January 18, 1871.

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