Yorktown Custom House

Yorktown, VA

Sitting across Read Street from the formal English gardens of the Thomas Nelson house is the historic Yorktown Custom House.  The Comte de Grasse Chapter NSDAR is the custodial owner, entrusted with the duty of preserving this historical building for future generations.  The National Parks Service has recently determined that the building, along with the nearby Pate House which was built at approximately the same time, is the oldest structure in the Yorktown Historical District.  Previously that honor was thought to fall to the Sessions House down the street.



The "Old Customhouse"

Believed to have been constructed about 1720 as Richard Ambler's "large brick storehouse", this building was in use when he was Collector of Customs in Yorktown.  It was strategically located on Main Street, just a block away from the busy waterfront "under the hill."




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